Beat the Heat

It’s been a cooler start to spring this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to warm up. Get in early and have your air conditioning checked before the heat rolls in.

Our team are Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) registered and trained in taking care of all your air conditioning needs.

It’s not just a re-gas. When you get your vehicle air conditioning serviced with us, we conduct a full visual inspection. Then we evacuate the system and test for vacuum holding. When we re-gas your air conditioning, we add a special dye to assist in locating any leaks and check to make sure the heater tap is not leaking water through valve.

It is not always possible to identify leaks on the day of service. We do ask that you return the vehicle within two weeks to re-check the system’s operation. A quick UV light inspection will tell us if there are any leaks in the air conditioning. If a leak is identified we will then advise you on the cost of parts and labour for the repair.

Having your vehicle air conditioning serviced is the same as having your vehicle engine serviced. It’s not a five minute job. We take pride in our work and don’t like to rush things. When you rush things, mistakes happen. That’s why we ask you to make a booking and leave the vehicle with us for the day.  Please ask about our loan car service if you require transport while your car is with us.

Stay Cool!

Regards, The Team at Riverton Auto Electrics



Licence # AU02174

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