The Heat is On!

Not too late
Call us to do a health check on your car air conditioning

Summer is here, and even though it’s a little cooler than most years, we know it’s only going to get hotter. Now’s the time to give your air conditioning system a health check.

So, it’s 30+ degrees in Perth and you decide to cruise on down to the beach. It’s hot in the car and the dog’s complaining, so you crank up the air con … only, long after it should have frozen the slobber on Brutus’ jowls, there’s barely a lukewarm breeze through the car.

Brutus turns to you and says, “You shoulda called Riverton Auto Electrics.” Smartass.

Why do I need an Air Conditioning Health Check?

Over time, the seals and hoses on your car air conditioning system wear out, and the refrigerant gas leaks out through the pipe joins and compressor shaft. Before you know it, you’re cooking inside the cab because the air coming out those vents is hotter than Brutus’ breathing. Like you car engine needs a service, so does your air conditioning. Don’t wait til it’s too late.

Brutus! Was that you?

All along you thought that smell was the aftermath of Brutus’ dinner or maybe those old socks you left in the boot from the last fishing trip. It’s not too late, mate. That awful smell when you turn your air conditioning on is caused by fungus, bacteria and other gross germs growing inside the evaporator core. Those little nasties love the damp, dark environment. We can help you with that and before you know it, you’ll be breathing in healthy cool air.

Would you like:

  • Cool, sweet-smelling air in summer
  • Warm dehumidified air in winter to demist those windows the dog has steamed up
  • Fresh, filtered air, free of allergy-causing pollutants
  • A happy man, woman, children and dog?

Come on down and see John, Gavin or Shane to book your FREE Air conditioning health check and then take advantage of our $220 special on an air conditioning service and regas.

Yes, conditions do apply. If the air conditioning needs additional repairs for leaks, it will cost you for parts and labour, but don’t worry – we’ll be gentle. 🙂

Call us today! This offer ends on December 31st. Brutus will thank you.

*Prices subject to change in 2015*


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